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Mito Facts

by chuck on April 11th, 2011
  • The question is: Why do you to take vitamins and co-factors?
  • The answer is: For the same reason you add oil and gas treatments to your car.
    • It just might help it run better
    • Vitamins help chemical reactions happen.

STP for your car…CoQ for you…?

Let’s Compare the Mitochondria to a Car

  • The body of the car—–The body of the human being
  • The engine of the car—–The mitochondria of the body
  • The car engine gets gasoline to burn for energy—–The body eats food to burn for energy
  • To burn the gas you mix it with oxygen—–To burn our food we mix it with oxygen
  • Gas burns instantly—–Food burns over fractions of a second
    • The burning of gas generates 3 main things:
      • Carbon dioxide
      • Water
      • Torque (twisting energy to make the car go)
    • The burning of food in the body generates 3 main things:
      • Carbon dioxide
      • Water
      • ATP (Adenosine Tri Phosphate) The torque (energy) of the cell.
  •  The waste product of burning gasoline in the car is smog—–The waste product of burning food in the body are free radicals
  • When the car’s engine quits and the mechanic says it is not worth fixing – you junk it—–When the mitochondria give out and the cells give out and the doctor says I can’t fix it, the mitochondria says OK, it’s time to go and organs begin to fail.

 Adapted from Dr. Bruce Cohen’s talk on “Introduction and Overview of Energy Metabolism”  Cleveland Symposium June 1-3, 2000 (audio tape)

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